Are you looking for a fun and yet mildly harsh way that will help you get your sh!t together? I know...I was, too. So I made one! The Unf*uck Yourself planner isn't censored, by the way. It's also undated. It's a full color PDF that includes:


  • 12 month layout
  • Weekly lay-out for you to reprint over and over again so that you don't let sh!t fall through the cracks
  • Daily f*cking battle plan with your top three goals
  • Budgeting forms
  • Meal planning and shopping lists


Did I mention that's undated? You can use it over and over again.


The real question is... what the f*ck are you waiting for? 


Oh, and if you'd rather join the community, you get the planner for free. 


Unf*ck Yourself Digital Planner

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$15.00Sale Price

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