Making Money From Home: Setting Your First Goal

When your making money from home, what should be your first financial goal? To become a millionaire? To become the next Jeff Bezos? I mean, it all sounds great...and while I certainly do believe in setting massive goals, when you are brand new to working from home and if you don't have any experience running a business (let alone working out of your home...and also mix in balancing family life), it can get ugly.

Needless to say, I am a big fan of making money from home...duh, I've been at it since 2013 (full time since 2014)...but setting reasonable goals in the beginning. You can set massive goals later once you have a better understanding of how your business should function, your target market, and how your work from home business actually, well, works.

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Making Money From Home: Setting a Reasonable Goal

So, what's a reasonable goal? That's totally up to you. Yes, I know it seems like a cop-out of an answer, but it's true. It depends on what you do, your marketing experience, how comfortable you are selling yourself, and other factors. My very first writing job on Upwork (back when it was Odesk netted me a sweet, sweet $15.00. And I was really proud of that $15.00, too. It was a demand letter template that I wrote for a lawyer. It took me 30 minutes. Do keep in mind that during that time I also had two other jobs. I was just really had to have the experience and my very first paying client (and my very first positive review).

So, think about what you believe a reasonable goal would be for you. I recently helped out with someone's very first direct sale's party. Her goal was to make $15 because she thought she wasn't very good at sales. The day before her online party, which was hosted through Zoom, she asked me to look over her presentation, and I did. It was good! The next night, she was nervous and she hadn't changed her goal. And that was fine. It was her goal. Her online party made $500. The kicker was, she didn't even think she was any good at sales...and it was an online presentation. She didn't even own any of the products to demo. She had one online guessing game and her presentation...and herself. That was it.

The low goal built up her confidence. When I set that initial low goal, it helped my confidence, too. Over some time, I raised my goals (and my prices).!

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