What's This Site About?

Work From Home Success Online is a private community that welcomes new and experienced freelancers and remote workers (as well as anyone who identifies as a side-hustler or otherwise self-employed) and also welcomes anyone who is interested in freelancing, remote work, or who wants to learn how to work from home home while avoiding scams such as online surveys, the "global lottery," and that pesky Nigerian prince who apparently wants to give us all millions if we will just be so kind as to give him our bank account information. Please don't ever give out that information. 

Unlike other mastermind / business coaching groups, this private community was created by someone who started freelancing while working a real job and while raising a family and who eventually made the leap and who now works from home "full-time." The quotation marks meaning that Robin works as much as she wants to work from home and does not signify that she requires outside income in the form of a "traditional" corporate job to support herself or her family. 

Back when Robin started exploring the possibility of working from home in 2012, there were platforms offering work, but little information about how to get started...and very little support. So, she learned by doing. Since then, she's worked side by side with Olympic athletes, world renowned consultants, and even helped reality television stars work on their books. She's ghostwritten over 200 books and worked with both undergraduate colleges and law schools as well (all while having a Bachelor's degree that has nothing to do with journalism, English, or communications). 

She's also married, raised two out of three children, and her reasons for starting her work from home business might surprise you. She understands that not everyone is cut out for corporate life...and even those who enjoy traditional working environment sometimes have personal issues that may prevent them from thriving in a traditional environment. 

Work From Home Success Online is a private community that helps you by providing live goal planning sessions, live mastermind sessions, engagement threads, problem solving discussions, and digital tools to help you define, develop, and grow your work from home business. While you sign up here through this site, the group itself is ran through a private Facebook group, but you can also access the files here as well with your log-in information. 

Why Is There a Monthly Fee? 

The monthly fee to join and to sustain your membership to Work from Home Success Online helps defray the cost of maintaining the site as well as the time Robin and her team (yes, you read that right - she pays people to help) put into developing and providing helpful tools and content for you to use. It also helps defray the cost associated with the technology we use to host the group meetings. Unlike many other private groups, we keep our membership fee extremely low. We want our paid private group to be as accessible as possible. 

Joining Work From Home Success Online is actually the best way to learn from Robin as well as to meet with her monthly to get advice. Her rate on Upwork is currently $65.00 per hour. Her consultation rate through YouCanBook.me is $15.00 for just 30 minutes of her time, and those slots are extremely limited throughout the week. For $15 per month, you can join monthly meetings with Robin, get business advice, and take advantage of an entire community as well as digital tools for your business. 

Can I Cancel My Membership?

Of course. While we'd hate to see you go, and you're welcome to come back later, you can cancel your membership whenever you like. Payments are processed either through PayPal or Wix Payments. If your payment is processed by PayPal, you can stop subscriptions directly through your PayPal account. 

How Are Payments Processed? 

Payments are processed securely through PayPal or through Wix Payments. 

Do You Guarantee Freelance or Work From Home Job Placement? 

No. The only guarantees in life are death and taxes. We are not a freelance or work from home job placement service. We are a professional education resource. You will learn about how you can locate work from home jobs, but we cannot guarantee that you will be hired because we aren't the ones doing the hiring. 

If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to us through the chat bubble located on the bottom right of your screen!

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